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cool and beautiful

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I agree. The billboard is actually quite beautiful with the creeping weed. I guess the question is - SHOULD it be beautiful or should it be dirty and disgusting as the copy and the drug suggest?

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Beautiful? I find it quite disgusting. It looks like the 'Sleepy Hollow'. I woulnd't like a black creepy thing like that in my garden! I suppose beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But I really like the thought behind this piece, the reference on how it can take your life over and the creepiness of it all. Also the way it was done over time. Really cool. Well done.

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ypyng chong
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This is great. Even if it's almost identical to Leo Premutico's skin cancer one done in Sydney a few years ago, it's fantastic to see a real client buying real good stuff in Australia.

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It's kinda nice, but it takes too long.


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Alistair C.
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brilliant, good job!

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What? this is so fake! "the billboard changed every week"?? thats not possible without ripping the creeper.

Apart from that: the fact, that fertilizer is a part of ice shown like that, is not a good insight. for me, this is a very complicated way to miss the point.

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Well too slow... Campgn developed for generating PR and then creating awareness out of it..

On its own its NOT going to Succeed... though its looks gr88!!!

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Hey Wornerd, If you don't like it, it's O.K, you don't have to. But don't accuse it of being fake. I live a few streets away and saw it growing with my own little eyes. Just Google 'ice is a dirty drug billboard' and read the articles on it. It's very easy. And it will save you looking like a cockhead in front of all the aussies that saw it running live. You're very welcome.
'With whatever measure you measure, it will be measured to you'.

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ok i take my accusation of fake back. but how the hell do you change this billboard once a week?

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The artist Corey Thomas added "growth" once a week. It's either painted or some sculptural element, I can't tell which. And it's not supposed to be visually appealing, think of the subject matter. This isn't a cosmetic or perfume ad. The creepy and negative imagery is perfectly mated to the idea behind the message. You shouldn't want to have this in your garden, you should be repelled, that's the point.

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