Huggies: My first ride

1 facebook post. 1mom. 1 newborn. Over 1 million exposures in less than 1 week. Instead of going with traditional media, Huggies decided to touch ONE random mother, and give her an experience that EVERYONE will be talking about. This is how we did it: We asked our fans on our facebook page if they know of a soon to be mom. We made a list of all the names we got, and followed them on facebook until the first one gave birth. Then the big surprise happened. We wanted moms to know about Huggies Newborn diapers, the baby's FIRST diaper. Because every first moment is important. So we decided to strike on their FIRST moment outside the hospital. The ride home. A limousine turned into a nursery, waited outside the hospital to give her and her new born baby their first ride home together. The ride was accompanied with surprises all the way home. Giant billboards greeted her, people on the street held signs. Even the street signs were customized into baby signs and greetings from her friends and family were sent straight to the limo. And when she got home, another big surprise waited for her. The whole ride was filmed, and the video got over 1 million exposures within 1 week.

Advertising Agency: smoyz, Tel-Aviv, Israel

February 2013


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