HSBC: Notes

This is part of a massive campaign in which the approach to insurance advertising is very different, with a very dark sense of humor. People seem to know what's going to happen to them and they don't even seem to care. These notes were placed at homes or on cars, warning the owners that they were going to be robbed, even asking them to leave the windows open or the keys in the ignition to make it easier. In the end of the note, signed HSBC Insurance, Life gives no warning.

Advertising Agency: JWT, Mexico
V.P. Creative Director: Alvar Suñol
Creative Directors: José Alfredo Alquicira
Art Director: José Alfredo Alquicira
Writer: Ericka Olvera

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Hard to seperate the notes but it is fresh.

"Everyday is one short life"

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Life gives no warning notes
I love the concept

aRs...'s picture

Felicidades a los mexicanos por el bronce en cannes por esto!!

crrrrrup's picture

What? Is red the new balue? I don't get it.
Why notes?
I mean, let's face it: the most exciting thing about advertising is the fact that everybody on this site could be Stephen Hawking (in real life) and you wouldn't ever recognize his Teflon-coated T-1000 ass.
Weird world!

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I think you are a big Stephen Hawking fan. You've mentioned him now a second time and I can make no connection to what you mean. But good for you for being such a big fan.

crrrrrup's picture

Wait a second... are you Stephen Hawking?
You owe me a breast job Stephen!

ellehcimeo's picture
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I can't be sure.

But I can be sure that I don't owe you a breast job. You should save up for one, it'll be more rewarding that way.

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A good communication, would communicate clearly with the target audience.

We're going to need more lube.

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These are pretty creepy and attention getting. I like!

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wonderful... love the concept and the execution is interesting and attention-grabbing.

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Excellente. :)

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Nice parody, good ad. I really like it.

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It surely works. I can imagine the scene of the victim. Well done!

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This is good!


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