Honda Civic: Feet

Joy for your feet.

Advertising Agency: arnoldworldwide Italy
Creative Directors: Alessandro Sabini, Paolo Troilo
Art Director: Antonio Rolli
Copywriter: Francesco Fanicchi
Released: November 2007

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Jarne von Wolfsburg
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you know, when it`s time for cannes. One further example for... what nobody sees, but advertising people. Besides that, its quite charming... but the frames look to expensive to be used as real promotions. And they seem not even be really fixed to the ground.

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I am probably dense, but how does a mini-billboard (one that people will most likely miss) which says "Joy for your feet" explains the urge to convey its original driving experience?

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the pitts
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Stolen because people will take anything that isn't bolted down these days, not because the ads are so good.

Don't really see what these ads are doing. Am I missing something?

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Would have worked for mini, this, no... TSK, TSK, italians...

Add insult to injury then burn the candle at both ends.

:: Put your ears against the ground so i can walk over what you heard::

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thats it
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WOW! great work.
i think it's an original media.

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thats it
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WOW! great work.
i think it's an original media.

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Yeah, has a concept, is smart.

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This may have a concept, (and as a notion it is pretty sweet) but it fails to communicate it. It tries too hard to be clever, and not hard enough to advertise.

We're going to need more lube.

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Wow these guys are clever. Took few minutes for me to understand. )

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Have Heart
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Plain idiotic.

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Dick Huges
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Italian quality standard.

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Anyway, it's a little great Idea.
I like it. it plays with proportions.
Brilliant!!!! WINNER without doubt.

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This idea is inspired from one of Micromachines a few weeks ago.
And please, stop stolen Comments.

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Yeah, brake the rules! And break the backbones of your target audition trying to get it as well!

Man if that wins an award, i quit. i mean it.

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nice gaijin
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What a heady concept, that has ultimately led to horrible advertising.

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i had the same idea only for massage studio.

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Jet Propulsion Lab
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You gotta love the photo in the bottom right hand corner. They're showing the dude's right foot actually enjoying the billboard!


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yeah, you can see the toes giggling!

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what the hell....who on earth is going to notice....plain stupid

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nice bill boards.

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2much cocaine!!

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every child had christmas present that year

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Nise shoes man!!!!!!! find another way to work.

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too many haters on this blog.
What the hell have you all done lately that is so amazing?
I think this a completely fresh use of media that engages people.
Anyone who thinks otherwise shouldn't be working in advertising.
wankers. Go italians!

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interesting use of media, like that...

The actual execution doesn't take advantage of the context it's just a sma;; ordinary ad...

Yes, these objects were stolen for their capability to be used as photo frames for instance, and not for the value of the ad...

BUT, this could have been a very prolific PR subject, and here we have the real benefit for this activity: creating BUZZ!!!!

Gabriel Patru

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