Hombre Magazine: Nurse

Hombre magazine. That's us.

The double page spread was glued together and had to be forced apart to see the ad.

Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Creative Directors: Pablo Capara, Sebastian Olivieri
Copywriter: Carolina Mendez
Art Director: Diego Salas

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www's picture
4 pencils

hecho. muy hecho

thirty6chambers's picture
1464 pencils

nice rack. oh.. and concept.

Wordnerd's picture
6662 pencils

i'd love to have a click-counter for this one... i like the idea, but i doubt it'll work. as a purchaser of this magazine, i'd somehow feel embarrased.

Most men buy playboy for the good articles, if you know what i mean;)

Senhora Kolossa's picture
Senhora Kolossa
489 pencils

WTF? Seems to be a sperm-idea!

Senhora Kolossa's picture
Senhora Kolossa
489 pencils

Sorry, I was wrong. I mean:

WTF? Seems to be a sperm-work.

pal's picture
10 pencils

yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawn. DONE, DONE, DONE, DONE. A 'proper' agency should not be producing work that is so obvious.

Chris's picture
1987 pencils

done many times before

bara bara baez's picture
bara bara baez
148 pencils

Done this many times what about you didn't mean I didn't werent fun doing this?

Wordnerd's picture
6662 pencils

ok.. whaaaat?

Kateter's picture
2020 pencils

yummy! really nice! marvelous! great! pity she appears in such a bad ad.

Tincho's picture
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Jajajja, really cool stuff.

I dont remember something like this. If you do, please put a link.

(Argentina: Best Ads, Best Asses)

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Done for Cosmopolitan Sealed section...

Home is where the Art is.

Pauflies's picture
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Bah, Ugly and unnecesary.


Wolfgang's picture
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great bum

sold's picture
3219 pencils

ivan, take care about your newsletter this december... this rating is totally wrong and not means the reality of people who visit your site.
360 votes? obviously, the agency or creatives involve ask for entire company/friends list to vote here...

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so happy an ad of this caliber received a Gold on your site. Awesome. I think the target audience loves these ads.


simbadzapata's picture
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tasteless,what won the award here the ad or the a**

Skymonio's picture
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Okay she's pretty fucking hot... but why did she get an award ??

Guest's picture

what's ur name?

Guest's picture

Yum I would like a large helping of melon and a chunck of ass on the side. wait add the all u can eat fish to. YUM

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thats 'us' for sure! nice!

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You Are What You Expect

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