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cool!! and mr. (°flo) i like your quote: tales from a very strange industry!!

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My Treo 680 is sometimes too stupid to send a simple image via bluetooth.
So as some phones do not do what they are supposed to do I am really wondering about some of the "scanning"technology.

Plus more importantly, how is this an ad?

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Guest AB

This ad is only showing a technology that is alrealdy being used in Japan, so there is no idea besides the scanner, if you had developed it that would be a great idea, or if you had used the technology in a creative way that could be good as well.

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Put semacodes for beer on breasts because men spend a lot of time looking there. Miami Ad school, I'm ready for my honorary doctorate.

I hear if your father's in prison they give you an extra $30 off your honors designation.

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lotz of love here...

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Long time been done in Japan

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My Name

Are people really willing to work for free as sales associates for these stores? If H&M, or any other store for that matter, expects me to unbutton my jeans so a dude can scan and buy a pair of jeans then I expect a percentage of that sales to be credited back to my account for services rendered (to the store not to the dude)

I guess people who proudly wear the name of the stores where shop will be willing to do this. I just don't like doing free advertisement for anyone. But that's just me.

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