H&M: 3D projection mapping in the city centre in Amsterdam

H&M brought their flagship store in Amsterdam to live with a 3D projection mapping on the historic building. For over 3 minutes, guests and a gathered crowd enjoyed a surreal fairytale of light and magical effects. A red ribbon, wrapped around the building, untangles and transformed the building into a colorful dollhouse where nothing is what it seems.

Advertising Agency: Muse, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Creative Director: Sander Ejlenberg
Concept: Liat Azulay
Art Director: Phila Beroud
Design: Elano Collaço do Monte Teixeira
Account: Julien Rappy, Mich ael Littaur
Project management: Wouter Donkers, Machiel van der Heijden
Published: November 2010


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Nothing new, but nicely executed!

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I prefer Ralph Lauren because has a concept
This is nice, really nice... But say nothing (personal opinion)

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This is really cool. My husband is into lighting and projection, and as an illustrator, I can appreciate the animation and precision of the project. My question is, other than to entertain, what was the point of the display? Was this a special event and was the clip the introduction? I can imagine this would be very effective at a grand opening or something like that where you woukd want to entice people inside.

Gilda Horgan

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Way way way better than the Saks 5th Ave one. Shame on you New York!


"I love some things, and don't love some other things."

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Good. But Samsung did a better job last year...

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