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if that's the whole strategy, i'm disappointed to be honest. without a substantial program to back up the initiative, it's just a waste, children will play football, then get a fix.

besides, the description is a bit far fetched. i get the point, but if that were the solution, we'd all be scoring goals all day long while drug cartels file for bankruptcy. at the same time i don't want to diminish the initiative. i have one question, was the text on the football written in english? is this one shown in the picture just a sample for non-Farsi speakers or is it the actual product?

(i'm not going to comment on the english. it's irrelevant in this case, i assume the person translated it just for us, so thank you).

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"Do sports. NOT drugs"


Not all who wander are lost.

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haha, the "T" probably had a hangover, so he couldn't come to the presentation.

.: look for the green giant on the label :.

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I think that general idea is good.



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copy is so lame..

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I am sure that the message sounds much better in the native (either arabic or farsi) language. They just translated it for us to be able to read.

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La idea no se me hace muy creativa, de hecho es muy obvia, pero al tratarse de un tema tan delicado, habría que pensar más en si funciona, ya que es lo importante.

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Do advertising. No only communication.

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Drugs don't kill people, fascist dictators with nuclear agendas do.

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I think it wont work Im not saying the camapin is bad, idea is great. but one "ball" campain wont help.

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John TK
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I think it's an effective creative.
Iranian people havethe stress of economic hardship.

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John TK
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Boys love soccor .

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The Brainchild Group
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The advertisement is far too busy.. When I first glance at it I want to look away. Not good for quickly attracting the attention of potential customers (or expressing a message).

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And stupids american presidents too.

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