Henkel Pattex Glue: 3D Vase

Pattex. Glues everything.

From a certain angle the pieces of the broken vase seemed to be glued back together.

Advertising Agency: DDB, Duesseldorf, Germany
Creative Directors: Heiko Freyland, Raphael Milczarek
Art Directors: Fabian Kirner, Michael Kittel
Copywriters: Felix Lemcke, Jan Propach
Agency-Producer: Michael Frixe
Producer: Johannes Haverkamp
Patron: Michael Schirner
Released: October 2006


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What the Hell
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Very good.

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Good idea. Fresh thinking

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hmm.. it's a real vase rite. not copy n paste rite? lol. sumone plz answer me to clear my stupid doubts. =p
but nyway, da idea is dere .. cool one..

* it's not how good you are. it's how good you want it to be *

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I dun understd wat yur askin ;)

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Darrin Stephens
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He's asking if this is a real installation or not. It's a brilliant idea but this is for sure photoshopped. And I don't mean enhanced in photshop. It only exists in photoshop. There are clues in every single photo. You can literally see the layers in each shot. The vase and the people are "floating" on the page. Where are the holes and markings that should be on the ground supporting that vase? It's too clean and undisturbed. They can't even make up their mind if they want shadows or not, and the ones they have are phony looking and not the correct shape. It's a great idea, but in my book, it's not an ad unless it's real. With all the fake ads and student work here on the main pages, maybe the name of this site should be changed to "ideasoftheworld."

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Ideas are the essence of ads, DS.
I am here for ideas.
Fake, Scam, Student, Photoshopped, Cannes.
Doesn't matter.
Neither does the name of this site
I'd still be here if it was "DurwoodsoftheWorld."
Inspiration can come from absolutely anywhere, brother.
We all have to be open to it.

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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Darrin Stephens
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Please don't twist my words Rog. Not once, but TWICE I clearly stated that this is a brilliant/great idea. For the third time, I have no issue with the idea. My issue is with the fact that the installation is not tangible, it's not client sanctioned, it's not paid for by the client and therefore in my eyes, IT’S NOT REAL! Having a great idea is only a small part of the battle. All this proves is that you had a good idea. What it does NOT prove, is that you had an idea good enough to get past your boss, account services, and the client. You need to have great ideas that the client actually buys. That after all is the trick of this business. That’s the part these guys and this kind of stuff so conveniently always leaves out. The hard part. Actually selling an idea to someone besides themselves. There is nothing impressive about circumventing the system. So why heap praise on someone who only had to do a quarter of the work the rest of us have to do. This kind of forgery should be frowned upon because they are cheating the rest of who actually have to sell an idea to our bosses, account services, and that meaningless little entity called the client in order for it to be produced. You guys are heaping praise on an oasis. Not an ad. You can't even enter it in a show. Last time I checked they don’t give gold pencils and lions for “unproduced” work. (unless of course you’re a student.) Sure, put it in your book. It’s great. But as a CD, it does not prove to me that you have ideas clients actually buy. (agencies tend to like it when clients buy ads. This often leads to the agency making money.) So about all you CAN do is admire the idea. And since it’s not real, eventually it will be stolen by someone, produced for real, show up on this site, and then all you guys get to post your favorite phrase and official motto of this site which is, "it's been done before.” Such is the circle of ad life.

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Fabian Kirner
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Dear Darrin,

first of all, please take a look at the movie that is now added on the page.
This baby is absolute REAL.
And what I also have to say, is that my Account Supervisior loves it the same way my CCO does.
And: this baby went on tour through several cities in Germany and will go through another bunch of cities this year.
The client paid for it. The client asked for it. So please take this baby as it is: a real job for a real client.
And if you still don´t believe it, maybe let´s talk things over with a beer in Cannes this year.

Bye, Fabian

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Darrin Stephens
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Glad to know that this is real. But it’s not like I need to take back anything I wrote. Everything I said about the altered images is true. The first images you submitted in the printed piece are in fact photoshopped to the point that they look extremely phony. (Among other things, the actual base supporting the vase pieces are much larger than you first led us to believe.) I don’t understand why you felt the need to do that. Why you would put those badly enhanced images in front of a bunch of professionals who would certainly know the difference between real and fake is beyond me. So in fairness, you guys actually brought all the scrutiny upon yourselves by overdoing it. Perhaps you should stick to only showing the video, or send the video along with the printed piece. (On second thought, I’d redo the printed piece with very little enhancement. Currently it’s just too damn phony looking and invites suspicion.) Nevertheless, my issue was with people cheating the process. Not with the creative. A troubling issue that in my opinion cheapens the integrity of this industry. It concerns me that so many are willing to heap the same accolades upon work that cheats the system, as they do work done by people who are doing it the right way...like you guys.

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And what bothers me with these agencies is that they offer up photoshopped ideas with text that says it really happened. "The installation not only became the talk of the town ..."
Perhaps it did take place ... perhaps they couldn't get any good photos ... (perhaps cus it didn't work properly?). I don't know but I find it a bit disrespectful from the agencies that they expect that we should believe it took place simply on hand of a photoshopped image.

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lets face it guys, even advertising that is real and actually ran are a bunch of lies anyways.

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Fabian Kirner
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To resolve all your doubts, I´ve just sent an mpeg of the installation to ivan. Maybe he can post that too. But thanks for the compliments. F

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An interesting way to present the benefit. I like the installment.

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Nice 3D!!! It looks kinda fake to me.


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nice job ,. well done

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San Pateste
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Nice idea indeed. Is that really possible?

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ok, first I thought they slowly moved each stalk of broken vase together, but now ::ah HA!:: Its all about perscpective! I think its nice, haven't seen anyhting like this just yet.

... its already been done...

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Remember there was a scene in Tomb Raider where spinning part of an emblem suddenly all made sense as one image when all of them turned the right way.

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>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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good idea

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quite different indeed

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Rhodium, even!!

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I added a link to the movie documenting the action. Check it out!

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hey darrin stephens, thanx for d explanation. =)

* it's not how good you are. it's how good you want it to be *

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I like

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