How many more lives will cost $1.25? Please call 010-62357575 to report manhole cover theft so we can put an end to this.

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy & Mather Advertising, Beijing, China
Creative Director: Jacky Lung
Art Directors: Xingsheng Qi, Shengxiong Chen
Copywriters: Zhong Yuan, Matthew Curry
Photographers: Johnny, Qiang Wang

November 2006


Chocolat's picture
288 pencils

wow...this is good stuff. quite effective too. But really....that is a strange problem though! the mystery of the missing manhole cover! whatever next??

popdistortion's picture
1592 pencils

Apparently a serious problem. I had to laugh though... it's one of the things you learn quickly in China. Missing manhole lids and low hanging cables. Not to forget the not quite perfectly even pavements.

FullRedAtom's picture
2 pencils

Who steals a manhole cover? What would you do with it?

Nice advert though.. does the job well, if even for a strange topic.

pieter's picture
216 pencils

fer the metal. good concept, me likely.

bigbadfatmadafaka's picture
486 pencils

Do this happen frequently..
I am not familiar with this kind of robbery....maybe this is to localist for me to create an opinion...but its definitly a NOT a bigbadfatmadafaka.

Yokel's picture
604 pencils

That makes two here.

Care to share some of your bigbadfatmadafakin' ideas?

fifthbullet's picture
186 pencils

if u happen to experience hit these open manhole while driving with a speed of 80km/h like me, u will know the problem is bigger than bbfm...

Rog's picture
6082 pencils

$1.25 each? Western Scrap metal dealers would pay heaps for those.
Hmmmmmm... ;)

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

fifthbullet's picture
186 pencils

i don't think 1.25 can buy a manhole cover like that,
not in Pound Sterling, USD and certainly not in RMB at all.

but of course, it's a good idea despite the unbelieveable fact

fifthbullet's picture
186 pencils

my bad... comment before i go through the copy, the line is totally difference.

the correct line is:
more than 10 thousands people crip because of these traps every year, manhole hotline: 010-62357575

which i think is not good enough.

A. J. SMITH's picture
2824 pencils

Bizzarre, I would never have thought manhole theft would be such a big deal, and indeed danger.

as an ambient stunt, I think its quite nice.

It's only an ad.

Laurent's picture
289 pencils

simply put, i think this is great and i don't think one really needs that much of local knowledge to understand.

mrtalented's picture
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heard some people (especially chinese kids) also pee and poo on the streets. does it make them street toilets?

Intern's picture
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I have a bigbadfatmadafakin' idea for you. Shut the bigbadfuck up. BTW loved the ad.

A. J. SMITH's picture
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HELLHOLE is my new favourite word.

It's only an ad.

Mukund's picture
6 pencils

Effective and Direct...

muji's picture
66 pencils

Very nice..

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