Heineken: Departure Roulette

Advertising Agency: Wieden + Kennedy, New York, USA
Executive Creative Directors: Eric Quennoy, Scott Vitrone, Ian Reichenthal, Mark Bernath
Creative Directors: Erik Norin, Eric Steele
Copywriter: Will Binder
Art Director: Jared White
Director: Dan Levin
Executive Producer: Nick Setounski
Interactive Producer: Victoria Krueger
Assistant Producer: Kristen Johnson
Accounts: Patrick Cahill, Jacqueline Ventura, Sydney Lopes
Social Strategist: Jessica Abercrombie
Project Manager: Rayna Lucier
Sr. Community Manager: Mike Vitiello
Director of Interactive Production: Brandon Kaplan
Head of Integrated Production: Lora Schulson
Business Affairs: Sara Jagielski, Lisa Quintela, Quentin Perry
Global Travel Director: Colleen Baker
Lead/Sr. Travel Consultant: Angela Wootan
Sr. Travel Consultant: Joelle Wainwright
Post-Production Company: Legs Media In Collaboration with BrehmLabs
Editors: Frederic T. Brehm, Ian Park, Gabriela Tessitore
Sound Designer: Eric Hoffman
Colorists: Frederic T. Brehm, M. Scott Vogel
Information Display System Fabricator: Solari Corp.
Design & Build Team: The Guild


MichelMichal's picture
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Don't you think everybody knows that you need visas to go in most of those countries ?

Why it always has to be one of those fake stunts ?
Please try with good actors and realistic destinations next time...

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Meredith Singh
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Not all countries require Visas to enter – and often with a passport from a wealthier nation, you can just buy a visa when you arrive in the poorer country because they know you'd never want to live there indefinitely.

Feel free to hate this. But you might want to pick a valid reason.

MichelMichal's picture
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You're right, you don't need Visas in "poor countries", a paid actor can go anywhere, anytime.

Nice fake-stunt by the way, great execution and PR work.

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BTW US residents do need need visas to visit any of the chosen countries. Basically residents of each country have a list of places where they can travel with no visas. For example Russian citizens are allowed to enter 63 countries with no visas (or visa upon arrival basis).

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330 pencils

I can't believe this come from W+K..... it's truly disappointing.

Must have been thousand of campaigns like this before.

Meredith Singh's picture
Meredith Singh
407 pencils

1,000? Ok, just name 5.

MichelMichal's picture
330 pencils

10 sec on Google = 2 lookalike campaigns:

French Railroad 2011 : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=94MvHBmlEHI

Easy Jet 2010 : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hWPHSS6xj_g

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I love it.

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again enhancing adventurous spirit.
liked. i don't think it's fake.

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advertising ninja
602 pencils

nice idea. on brand. on strategy. lovely-lighthearted confrontation with ones self. good advertising. and it makes you wanna see what happend to them there.

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1. Does Heinekin pay for the ticket?
2. What if you've just shelled out thousands of dollars for return flights to your original destination?
3. What about visas? Not all countries let you just waltz in their without a pre-approved visa.
4. Is there already a seat reserved on EVERY possible flight in advance? Seems like ther airlines would lose out if their particular flight wasn't picked.
5. Are the flights all magically immediate or do these poor bastards have to wait around the airport lounge for 12 hours until their flight comes up.

TL;DR: This is bullshit.

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Ok so you arrive at the country and ... ? Whats the point of sending random people to random places, wheres the catch ? I don´t get this.

$"·%& no.

Think. Then think again.

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heineken promotes adventurous spirit and risk-taking in every possible way. that's the corporate strategy and culture of company

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abe garcia
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A little stuntish, but still nice. Stop the hate people.

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