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its like the 'truth' campaigns in the US, wish these had a bit more art to them, a twist...

... its already been done...

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Were the patiens "real"? In which case, isn't it in serious bad taste?

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I'm pretty sure they are real patients, and they would have to be to give the stunt credibility. But Klaussnow is right - there is no 'twist' to make it interesting. It one of those 'anyone could have thought of this' ideas.

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my god....the poor patient!! imagine being subjected to all this, people treating u like you're a failed experiment when you're already suffering! I think they've really gone too far with this.

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Seriously? real patients? that would be inhuman right?
I think they used actress though

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which is probably why the word "victim" is within inverted commas.

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and why should they torment people who are dying anyway?
sorry, but it's kinda hard for me to take this seriously.
obviously disguised people moving around a "terminally ill" person with these "smoking causes cancer" signs on every side... and this typical tv commercial medic who wouldn't even make me buy toothpaste.
are they making fun of the real victims?

thank god i'm a nonsmoker.

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uhuh, i'm just curious from reading other's comments

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came across this some time back... are these two linked?


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