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great idea. i really like this.


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Jason Hanky
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Nice. 2002. Where ya' been?

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Something similar was done in Brasil.

They had some pink soaps with messages about a Gay Fest. Soaps were spread all over the city. More appropriate than this one (and yes, I Know OZ is about prison life).

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Pacific Blue
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I prefer the Gay Fest soaps idea then.
I've got a pink soap with the Fight Club logo on it, I got it at the premiere of the film.
Someday my sons will get it.

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This is not great. This is a very old joke. Fine; that`s all.

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Ad Junkie At Large
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that joke bottomed out with the release of Half Baked but i'm sure it'd still fetch a smile

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Jet Propulsion Lab
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A new pick-up line at a local video store.
"'Scuse me, but you smell zestfully clean."
"Why thank you. So do you."

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Great idea. I'd like to see these in the showers of gym clubs. Well, not really.

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