Hard Rock Hotel: Billy Idol

The items on display are from Billy's dramatic check-out from the Oriental Bangkok. It is said, he embarked on a trail of destruction that caused $140,000 in damages. The Thai Army was called in and the musician was promptly tranquilised before being carried out on a stretcher. There have been many theories as to what could've driven Billy insane. A case of bad elevator music perhaps? This small detail may have gone unnoticed by the common hotel guest but any self-respecting rocker, like Billy, would've gone mad. Fortunately, a holiday at Hard Rock Hotel Penang is quite the opposite. There's no tacky music to drive you up the wall. Only great music everywhere. Even the rooms are iPod-ready. If you're interested in a stay, ask our friendly servers here about the opening special.

With its steady stream of loyal customers, the Hard Rock Cafe was the perfect place to advertise the launch of the Hard Rock Hotel Penang on a small budget. To capture the attention of diners, we replaced Hard Rock Cafe's memorabilia with three authentic-looking pieces of our own. Rather than the usual autographed guitar, we featured never-before-seen 'artefacts' from the infamous hotel stays of rockers. Every piece was faithfully produced to look like an original. This is one of three that were on display.

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy & Mather Malaysia
Executive Creative Director: Daniel Comar
Art Director: Yeoh Oon Hoong
Copywriter: Andrew Low
Typographer: Jarrod Reginald
Client Services: N Balachandran
Planner: Remona Ahmad

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