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Was this actually done?? In the first picture its blocking the way into the building??
nice thought though

ideas....30 minutes nahi toh free.

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No it doesn't... check the perspective...

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andrej dwin
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it's lacking a bit for me because there's plenty of trees in saudi arabia. now if they'd put palmtrees on streets of a city like say london, where it would get the attention of passers-by immediatly, I would get it.
but here it seems like not much happened, there was an advertising banner between two trees and telling me about tropical break, when the only thing tropical I've seen was the palm trees growing there naturaly.
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Its not just a banner, its a hammock. A hammock between two palm trees says vacation to me. Nice idea.

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Trust me, this is break through for Saudi.

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Reminds me of the Corona ads.


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