Design Edition Toiletpaper Pack

February 2011

The Hakle toilet paper “Special Edition Pack” - this case shows how a simple truth was the starting point for a relevant design solution and brand activation. Buying toilet paper is a chore. Everybody needs it, but nobody really likes being seen carrying it home. Especially ladies find it a bit weird. So in cooperation with a fashion label a special edition pack was designed and produced. A multifunctional, rather stylish carrier bag. Special instore placement brought it to market with great success.

Advertising Agency: JWT, Germany
Creative Directors: Till Hohmann, Mark Karatas
Art Directors: Kathrin Waschek, Elena Sautner, Bettina Karmrodt
Copywriter: Carsten Bug
Illustrator: Gerald Eskuche
Account Manager: Petra Wunderlich
Client Service Director: Bernd Adams
Production: Claudia Klein, Fabian Schrader

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kleenex's picture
Activity Score 44844

I see where you going with this, but they got the weird item to sell, buttttt it can be used for more than toilet paper.

new designer's picture
new designer
Activity Score 98

I really don't see the purpose for this product. what's next? a bag for the toilet paper bag?

kleenex's picture
Activity Score 44826

I see where you going with this, but they got the weird item to sell, buttttt it can be used for more than toilet paper.

morse's picture
Activity Score 17508

It's an ok idea, but nothing outstanding.

.. / .-.. --- ...- . / .- -.. ...- . .-. - .. ... .. -. --.

Bob.C's picture
Activity Score 1159

Ok, like the idea of co-operating with fashion labels. Not convinced that designing special edition anti-embarrassment versions of normal packaging wouldn't have been more effective (and have longer term expansion potential).
The final 100 000 Euros figure seems fairly low and doesn't mention the cost of special edition packs

Kriativity's picture
Activity Score 414

why do you even need to carry so many toilet papers all the time??..u jst go pick it up from the mart and carry it home..cant find a reason why this concept was made at all..

cracker66's picture
Activity Score 163

i don't know how toilet paper is sold in india but you pay way more if you buy smaller packages of it. and the observation of people being embarassed carrying around is right - i personally hate it to carry it around and i am no woman.

reltal's picture
Activity Score 3

it discourages men to buy toilet paper.. but cool idea generally

sambuca's picture
Activity Score 1066

I always let my girlfriend carry those :D

Glut's picture
Activity Score 3935

why??? no point in this idea. shallow

sophisto's picture
Activity Score 2

would like to have a bag like that for Pampers for my daughter :D