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Maybe a lot of people want to get a gun and maybe dead by sundown too. :P
It gets the message across to South Africans. That's the point.
~~be cool eh!~~

~~this paranoid survived!~~

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For those of us who live in South Africa and have been affected by the escalating incidences of violent crime (myself included), this advert proved to be both frightening and effective. Aimed at South Africans, in no way does it inspire us to become gun owners. For the misguided 'Guests' who see this advert as an inviting opportunity to gain easy access to guns, please bear in mind that it is the murderers, rapists and highjackers in South Africa who continue to have such unlimited access to unlicensed firearms and not the law abiding citizens.

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haha its the same easy way to get a gun in the US!! yeah!!! wiiiii :D

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Alfred Lover
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Good idea. Nice concept

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