Guinness Draught - Please Drink Responsibly: Dance Steps

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Alcohol has long been associated with enjoyment and celebration. However, as a responsible producer of alcoholic beverages, Guinness® is committed to promoting responsible drinking and combating alcohol misuse. The best way to interact with a consumer when they're enjoying a night out is not through stern messaging but rather through an entertaining platform that will drive the message, that alcohol should not be abused, home.

The mat mimics the drunken lurch of someone who had consumed too much alcohol, disguised as dance steps. The floor mat was then placed at entrances/exits to bars/pubs to remind drinkers to be more responsible when consuming alcohol.

Advertising Agency: Saatchi&Saatchi, Cape Town, South Africa
Creative Directors: Anton Crone, Keith Christian
Art Director: Gareth Cohen
Copywriter: Rolf Fitschen
Released: March 2008


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this is great looks like a whole lot of fun.

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that guy's face is RED!!!

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that guy has no shoes on!

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no need the line actually
just put drink responsibly on top.


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nice but was done for toot n scoot a few years back as stickers on floors in night clubs.

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like the idea for clubs and pubs since its fun, but there{s no need for the copy, I agree with gmint7, just "drink responsibly" or maybe theres something with "have fun, and remember it" or something like that, dont know
keep thinking, its nice but it could be better

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