Guang Yin Yoga Club: Idea inside the box

Background: Guangyin Yoga is a small yoga club in Shanghai. For 4 years, the club hasn't been running well with only few club members.

Challenge: How to raise Guangyin Yoga’s brand awareness overnight and enroll 300 new members with a small budget?

Solution: In the Shanghai CBD we placed a small-sized wooden box in the street. We asked our yoga master get inside the box. Every time someone passed by, a hand would reach out with our club business card. Surprise!

Result: Our campaign lasted 15 days, with over 35,000 target directly communicated, 319163 video clicks on the web, and more than $138,000 of free media report. After the campaign, over 2000 people visited our club within a month, and 622 of them became new members,107% more than expected. And our actual cost: US $74

You can check out the video too.

Creative Director: Jacky Xiao
Art Directors: Jacky Xiao, Bobo Chen, Guitar Zhou
Copywriter: Louis Lu
Photographer: Walker Jiang
Published: February 2010


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great work guys!


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awesomely cheap!

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Happy client i assume, if only all campaigns were this cheap, simoke ans effective!

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You guessed right! All the Campaign is so cheap! This is also the practical significance of this idea!
And we hope to use the power of idea to our customers with the smallest cost to obtain maximum publicity!
From Jacky.Xiao

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Nice idea - but for ROI alone this has to be 10/10.

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SUper idea!!!!

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Yeah, it's very nice BUT what about the person who's inside the box?? Can they stay inside for too long? I don't think so. In light of that, this is not "super".

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that is a yoga master in the box , he can easily got into the locker room small box! He called "shifty work" yoga. This is the highlight of our creative success! Please be assured that he can. You can click on the video!
From Jacky.Xiao

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I would love to see the metrics on those results. Because they sound as creative as the idea.


I have thousands of pencils and $1.50 so I'm off to Starbucks

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I love it. Very nice idea.

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This call advertising.

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I really doubt he could handled out more than 2000 business cards in a day, but the idea is fantastic. I bet a yoga master can stay there for 1-2 hours for sure, atb2005 ;) then a short rest and back in business.

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good work . it

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good work . it

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