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what an amazing campaign!!

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Bloody well done. Just when you thought billboard stuff has become boring.

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Anyone have a translation?

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It's right under the ad. "The energy to always do more."

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good idea, good execution, awful claim, that wasted a lot of potential for this idea - it doesnt really work that way. Group E is an energy supplier and they have introtuced this claim as part of their new visual identity 2006.

energy to create/do more of everything

but they don't create more, they supply energy for street lights and machines that have been there already for many years.

it looks cute, just like some street furniture, but i don't hear a ping in my head

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Boony wants a beer
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Yeah I agree. Maybe something is lost in the translation though.

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they DO make more of everything (at least as far as their energy is used)
these billboards just visualize it in a funny and attention attracting way

what unique attributes does an energy supplier imply? apart from it's price - every energy supplier claims that's it's the most inexpensive.

in fact they all just supply energy. groupe e could say "yeah but we do it better" or they can sell it more emotionally by saying "the energy to make more of everything" i.e. "we make life more comfortable etc"

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I think the idea an execution are both great, maybe the line could be clearer or more precise.

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ditto boony
but you got me thinking - how on earth did australia win... sorry how the hell did england lose the adelaide test?
2-0, 2-0, 2-0, 2-0
sorry, me drunk

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Amazing idea, insanely shitty line. "...to always do more" is a totally different thought.

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Line or no line great idea tho, takes lots of selling and will to execute something like this.

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Brilliant... Amazing Idea... :)

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boring,too dramatic

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