justpassingby's picture
1368 pencils

we got to feel guilty about wiping our asses now??

Brainsugar's picture
1613 pencils

Personnally I never go to the toilets, so...

Ad Junkie At Large's picture
Ad Junkie At Large
554 pencils

take one for your planet and use your hand like the rest of us tree huggers!...right guys?!

Beatboxer's picture
1517 pencils

Actually, some people 'culturally' do that, in some oriental countries. Part of religion.

kalpesh78's picture
2580 pencils

yeah.. and you can't use water instead. thats waste of water.

God this world's gonna stink.

ideas....30 minutes nahi toh free.

JaneD's picture

I think its pretty cool...done to death medium but its a nice way to keep it fresh (no pun intended)

xiake1314's picture
14 pencils

old idea...

Babi's picture
152 pencils

I think it's a great idea!

It's a good way of illustrating the results of consumption on the eco-system.

Works for me

Rodrigo Pegoretti's picture
Rodrigo Pegoretti


Wordnerd's picture
6658 pencils

Thanks Greenpeace! you tell me i kill trees and hurt the environment when I take a dump by printing (4C) on millions of toiletpapers? That must be so clever i don't get it!

justpassingby's picture
1368 pencils

besides its badly branded. basically youre wiping your ass with the logo.
Its like putting your logo on a welcome matt

Doug 's picture

No. It's worse than putting your logo on a welcome mat.

ihaveacomment's picture
18 pencils

use two bits at a time and you save 3 trees

Fk Mikenj's picture
Fk Mikenj
197 pencils

btw, they are still using wild trees to produce toilet paper?
i think not

phil's picture

Yes, they do.

oshe's picture
852 pencils

booo, malo, entonces como se haría la higiene personal. Intenten de nuevo


Blahg's picture
616 pencils

It was a dumb move for the agency to suggest to a client that they advertise a conservation message using a medium that is the single biggest waster of the resource you're trying to protect.

It was a even dumber move for whomever at Greenpeace approved it. It's kind of like all the WWF rain forest ads that have been showing up in print lately.

Ad Junkie At Large's picture
Ad Junkie At Large
554 pencils

that alone causes this ad to do more harm then good

Ad Junkie At Large's picture
Ad Junkie At Large
554 pencils

that alone causes this ad to do more harm then good

Ad Junkie At Large's picture
Ad Junkie At Large
554 pencils

that alone causes this ad to do more harm then good

puppiepoppy's picture
1634 pencils

Well, I guess the fact is that these turd creatives never shown this turd idea to Greenpeace before, neither getting their approval. I'm sure Greenpeace China would not approve this.

Hmmn, maybe someone should send his link to Greenpeace China and get this turd creative sued or blacklisted from the ad industry?

Guest's picture

it's called recycled toilet paper people - you can get is at any grocery store. i don't think they'd be stupid enough to print on virgin pulp toilet paper. in canada, all greenpeace printed material uses vegetable based inks and recycled paper.

nemesis's picture
761 pencils

so what they're basically telling us is that we can't wipe our asses with toilet paper, but they can use it to print their ad?
oh, the hypocrisy!

doworkson's picture
242 pencils

something smells here.

BReal's picture

Clever how you "cut the trees down" by tearing each piece, but a terrible ad.

cp's picture
354 pencils

I think its a novel idea that communicates the message in a rather funny, at an awkward moment. Those wiping their asses will most likely chuckle and get the msg.

I don't think they need to print on every sheet of the paper.

wgeddes's picture
298 pencils
Maxwedge's picture
558 pencils

Precious paper, use both sides.

Paruku RabidLeroy's picture
Paruku RabidLeroy
112 pencils

Dumbest ad eva.
Billions of trees gone down the drain.

Get a life and try harder!

puppiepoppy's picture
1634 pencils

This smells like a scam!

I guess these creatives never go to the toilet before (that's why they're full of shit!). If they do, they would have realised that we don't put toilet rolls into the paper dispenser. Toilet rolls are for ass only, and not for wiping hands.

Wordnerd's picture
6658 pencils

I wonder how many people think "oh nice! Greenpeace paper with little trees on it! looks really good for the environment!" never underestimate the power of stupidity.

Why didn't they print the trees upside down anyway? that way you would at least leave stumbs

addyhoch10's picture
2592 pencils

you got a point. besides the fact they're ruining the environment and the toilet paper producer they're cooperating with there's one big problem:
how many people will get the felling idea?
to be honest, if i would see this in reality, i wouldn't even suspect this containing such a clever message. i'd think it's just some sort of eco-friendly greenpeace paper.
it's easy to get when it's on an ad site. but most people wouldn't get it when they're busy with other things.

dynatop's picture
212 pencils

definitely fake, the stainless tissue box is not for rolls but folded one by one paper. sorry for my english.

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