Greenpeace: Contribution

There’s no better medicine for the environment than your contribution.

Advertising School: European school of design, Frankfurt, Germany
Creative Director: Ralph Thamm
Idea / Art / Photography: Stefan Mildner
Illustration: Pavel Bondarenko
Copywriter: Stefan Mildner


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milliliters is wrong. should either be a larger volume or a wattage.

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How much plastic did u use to make this?

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very nice idea

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Interesting to see the tradeoffs here: as Copydog noted, how much plastic went into making these?

And anyone who knows about the new "energy saving" bulbs knows the mercury used to make them is even more hazardous to the environment than the traditional bulb. I'm surprised to see Greenpeace supporting something like that.

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sean, i have to say, i admire your insight.
It's one of those things you know, media cuts out of people's knowledge for more money and 'better lives'

People are so bored of seeling their souls that they dont even try to bargain anymore.

And unfortunately, our industry is full of such fools.

Be awesome :)

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I think it's a bit stretched to link a syringe to global warming. They could've made the pillar that looked like a chimney, and put a cork on top. That way it's more effective.

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Love the use of medium but ... not strong enough as a concept.

Simple ideas are the best !

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Now* Advertising Schools are in the TRACK. Welcome to ADVERTISING, People!!!
Good Job!!!

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Nice to see comments that make zero sense.

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great idea - your creation?

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very nice

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Oh, this is a stretch. It would work for Doctor's Without Borders, but not Greenpeace. There's nothing medical about Greenpeace.

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i like it!

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