Greenline Gym: Threadmill

Burn what you eat.

To promote a well-being center, a communication activity was developed with the aim of establishing a presence in one of the places where people make key lifestyle decisions: the supermarket. The creativity was based on the idea of turning a check-out conveyor belt (feeding your food to the operator) into a treadmill (the classic calorie burner).

Advertising Agency: JWT, Milan, Italy
Executive Creative Director: Pietro Maestri
Creative Director: Bruno Bertelli
Art Director: Marco Viganò
Copywriter: Michele Picci

February, 2009


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mmmm..... don't know, somehow it is not rounded... c'è qualcosa che manca Pietrino...

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I love it.

I would only flip the panel of the threadmill to face the customers so that the belt mimics the same forward motion as that in real threadmills.

Right now, the person on the fake threadmill would be running backwards, which isn't seamless with the message of burning food "away" OR the natural way a threadmill works.

Also, not everything that you buy at the supermarket is food. Maybe you buy something else AND food (and with the availability of many more things besides food, perhaps you won't buy food products at all!), which stains the idea a little, but the idea is still very clear, and I am just getting very picky.

Great job and good luck!

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Clever, i like it.

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no chance.

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Well done, I'm jealous. Very clever.

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99% of campaign about gym, bubblegum and flags are boring.

This one can't be considered the 1%

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oh man, how intrusive is this ad. I can see customers being annoyed by this execution.

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Good insight, relevant media and nice execution. Cheers.

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