Green Sense: Jaws never return Tissue Pack

Once you eat shark's fin soup, their blood is on your hands.

Grey Hong Kong gave each customer a pack of tissues before they entered the restaurant. When the customer opens the pack it appears he is tearing off the fin of a shark revealing blood stained tissues inside and the message.

Advertising Agency: Grey, Hong Kong
Executive Creative Director: Keith Ho
Associate Creative Directors: Vincent Tse, Kong Siu Lan
Art Director: Tony Cheung
Copywriter: Paul Tsang
Retoucher: Touch Workshop
Retoucher: Simon Kwan
Illustrator: Shannon Ma


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Chinese's a great language, in that it fits five lines of English blabber into two and a half lines of beautiful wingdings! (Ref: Back of the envelope)

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nice one as well. It has a slight shock value... good use of wordplay: " blood on your hands"

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This one is better. But not much.

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I ike this. Better than the bowl thing!

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HA! I bet Keith Ho, Vincent Tse, Kong Siu Lan, Tony Cheung, Paul Tsang, Simon Kwan and Shannon Ma were enjoying a nice bowl of shark's fin soup whilst concepting and executing this campaign. Hypocrits!

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cynical RACIST!

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this one would probably be allowed, but its not so effective.
if I'm going to a steak restaurant, I would go there because I like steaks.
and if some promoters would give me that tissue, i would eat the
steak anyway.

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