Gravity / Warner: Watch Gravity in zero gravity

Ever dreamed of being weightless when watching a movie about space? Warner Home Entertainment made that possible for fans prior to the DVD/Blu-ray release of the blockbuster movie Gravity in Stockholm. Fans of the movie where invited to watch Gravity in 3D while lying in a floating tank. The tank was filled with super-saturated Epsom-salt water and heated to skin temperature (35.5°C) which makes it almost impossible to tell which parts of your body are in the water and which aren’t. A trick that makes your brain think that you’re weightless, just like in space only a little bit more wet.

Advertising Agency: JMW kommunikation, Sweden
Executive Creative Director: Joakim Karlsson
Creative Director: Samuel Garlöv
Project Manager: Tove Widemar
PR: Canan Yasar, Andreas Wingren
Art Director: Anders Påhlsson
Photo: Jonas Böttiger

March 2014


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Pete R.
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The movie is hard to watch without being in a bathtub! :)

Art & Illustration

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Talking about zero gravity, have you guys seen the Kate Upton photoshoot?

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I definitely want to try this! :)


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