Gösser: Lemon Courier

The main idea of the campaign is based on a unique online promotion, the Lemon Courier. We’ve created the first Hungarian beer ordering service on Facebook. Free beers were delivered to the customers by real bicycle couriers. After the exchange, the couriers made photos of the customers, which we uploaded to the Gösser Facebook fan page. The service of Lemon Courier was available for the Budapest residents, everyone else could play on a sweepstake to win a crate of beer.

Advertising Agency: Friendly Advertising, Budapest, Hungary
Creative Director: Dani Karányi
Art Director: Csaba Török
Copywriter: Csaba Kuritár
Illustrators: Viktor Szilágyi, Attila Horváth
Photographer: Éva Szombat
Additional credits: Fruzsina Kocsiscsák
Published: June 2011


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Win a creative beer?

Not sure about what they did here.

Did they give away free beer?

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Yes, free beers were delivered to the customers by bicycle couriers shortly after they've ordered on Facebook. The service was available in the capital city, Budapest. People from the countryside coud win a crate of beer, thats 24 bottles. The campaign was a huge sucess. :)

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no doubt that it was a success: it's free beer! but it's not a creative achievement if you give out the product for free.
you can link it to facebook, twitter, whatever your like.. it's still just a free sample of the product.

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