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Bravo Azat!!!

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This looks like a brochure, not adv.

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It's DM jimmie...

Although I'm pretty sure a goodyear outlet's waiting room doesn't work the same way as a doctor's waiting room.

Why would anyone wait for tyres anyway?

"ITS EASIER TO GAIN THE ATTENTION OF CURRENT CUSTOMERS" come on guys, you're preaching to peers... peers who still don't know what brand their car runs on.

"RESULT: CUSTOMERS WERE CURIOUS ABOUT IT" -- really don't buy that one. Good attempt, but not really very aweinspiring...

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a dart disk made to look like a tyre is cool. the way you laid it out here doesn't get me to recognize what you're doing right away though, so I'd work on that a bit. perhaps add the circular outlines (twenty points here, thirty there) onto the disk to make it a bit clearer, but as I said ... good idea.

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pretty good
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I really like this. Well done.

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I like it too. It totally works. Don't need to over cook it with all the points and making it look like a dart board etc - it's a bit of tyre not a dart board - keep it simple I reckon.

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I don't think you should add anything to the darts board itself (or maybe just the centre, you know, the little green circle with red centre...), but I would definitely work on the way you presented it here, it doesn't sound very credible (for sure if you think of entering this in any award contest)

'Many customers throw darts to the board, then see the logo and read our claim...' You really don't have to explain how it works, or at least not with the exaggeration in the beginning: 'many customers'... Feels a bit forced. Apart from that, have it checked by a translator, spelling and grammar could be better...

Nice idea by the way.

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I like the idea, but why invent a tyre that once punctured stays on the road longer. This is only detrimental to the tyre company, it means they will sell less tyres - which means less profits, and a smaller ad budget!

It's your funeral goodyear!

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Pieter Decanniere
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Hope you never crash your car because of a punctured tyre; The product saves lives; That seems a good old USP to me.

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>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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good job.

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nilay tuncay
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Well done, fellows... Keep up the good work!

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Take Krautland's advice on the presentation. Good idea, anyways. I would assume customers would wait in a tyre shop when they're waiting for the tyres to be changed or the wheels to be balanced, so you would be catching them at the right time.

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Bravo Azat!!!