Goodwill: Street Masks

Be anything this Halloween. / Go undercover this Halloween.

To promote Goodwill as a destination for Halloween costumes, stickers of eyes and hands were placed on various objects to create unique costume ideas. On everything from dumpsters to statues, the “Street Masks” showed that Goodwill is the place to “Be anything this Halloween” or “Go undercover this Halloween”.

Advertising Agency: RED the Agency, Edmonton, AB, Canada
Creative Directors: Ryan Kelly, Dennis Lenarduzzi
Art Director: Regan Fraser
Copywriters: Sasha Newton, Ryan Kelly

October 2011


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Sort of funny. But why stick them on a dumpster in an alley? Are you targeting the 5 people who will walk down the alley each day? At least try to pretend this little dogwalker will actually have some real impact. Place the stickers in high-traffic areas where more people will see them. Then when you submit this to an award show it won't seem like a big farce.

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Not working for me at all.

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Design Central
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a little light idea, but interesting.

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these are ridiculously adorable!!

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