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Advertising Pawn
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Clever idea. Well targeted. Would be great to have some numbers (before/after?) to appreciate the result though.

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smart idea, I don't see it affecting business much though.

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i want to see how this apron look on me, ha.
btw, smart idea, i love this.
but the muscle man look bit over for me. ha, btw, not targeting me tho.

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I think its smart. :) gets ppl talking about the gym.might not boost the gym's income but will certainly boost the gym's reputation.

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nice idea, i would like to see how it will look like on women (sure woman sexy body not muscels)

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Shut Theory
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yeah, another medium to use, but im not sure about the idea


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It's nart a toupe!

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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Smart idea guys from the land of history, i like it

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tamer samy
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Well done JWT Egypt, specially the last two weeks.

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