GObama: Sign

black-and-see-through, cutout decals of the Obama “sunrise” logo, each, at a diameter of 91⁄4 inches, sized perfectly to fit over the green circle in a stoplight sign. The resulting message, obvious to some, invisible to others, translates loosely as, “GObama.

Advertising Agency: BooneOakley, Charlotte, USA
Art Director: Matt Klug
Copywriter: Keith Greenstein


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just as easily put on the other two lights. also, you'd have to be familiar with the sunrise logo to get this, which i'm not. obviously now i am, but wasn't before.

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Interesting idea. Is this legal?

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Any public communication or advertising effort within a presidential campaign (created by an outside vendor) HAS TO go through that party's campaign manager. Assuming that this piece was in fact approved by that person (which I highly doubt it was), then it means Obama camp tacitly (or explicitly) approves this type of clearly "illegal" advertising activity.

Just a couple of bored Democrat creatives with a quasi political agenda of their own killing time in the deep woods of North Carolina... :(

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Guest commenter

Get in car, find stoplight sign, pull to side of road, dodge traffic, evade the fuzz, peel sticker, place on green light. Sounds like a lot of work. I'll stick with my yard sign.

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I think the "sun" should be white.

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Guest commenter

id like to see the version of it on a stop light. if it exists.

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the tail wagging the dog.

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