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jaws of wan hoon
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Done already.

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Ed Mintone
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Matt Eastwood is one of the brightest talents out there. He wouldn't let this slip by if that were the case.

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Got a link?

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A lot of things have been done already, doesn't make it any less relevant. I like it, nice and simple execution and I'll assume effective. My opinion.

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yeah it really saves energy. to the point. that someone used glow in the dark already somewhere doesn't make this idea "done". my opinion, too. smart

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I like it a lot.

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well maybe has been made it before but its funcionally in this case, nice work!

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Yes we all know glow in the dark has been around for some time. But that print glows well and the idea is cool..

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really like it. really! forget the seen-that-done-that-too-smart-crap. how come that nobody else came up with the idea. important is that the client bought it and that it came out of the idea box. things have been done before and seen before. so what. damien hirst has been told that he only rips off stuff that had been done. his argument was: "its not how or what you do. its about getting it done". well, but that is only my humble opinion…

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