Global Environment Centre: Socket

Blessed are those who will drown. The rest of us will die of thirst.
Switch off when not in use. Help save more than just electricity.

Advertising Agency: McCann Erickson, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Executive Creative Directors: Szu-Hung Lee
Art Directors: Jules Tan
Illustrators: Jules Tan
Copywriters: Szu-Hung Lee


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this is quite an elaborate execution. I wasn't sure about the ad at first and then found myself having zoomed in and studied it for at least two minutes, so I suppose it succeeded in getting my attention.

so, while I am trying to come up with a reason not to like a mc cann ad, I dare say I find this rather good.
then again, perhaps I'm just being too honest.

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Blessed are those who will drown???

Ok go tell that to them:

Then go make another crap.

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and all ads about car crashes are off-limits because people have died in car crashes? I know, let's ban blue skies in ads. the skies were after all blue on 9/11 and we all know how traumatic that was for some people.

you're a moron, dcgroppo.

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R. Rinaldi
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Bad student work

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yun siang orangutan
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Brilliant scam

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Smart line

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360 grados
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prize, prize

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is this mindmap?

everything grey. .. .

those graffiti vandalism art, communicate a lot more better.

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