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jajaj i love it... nice concept

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Jeaaa give kids chance to torture goose its the best thing to stop that process

but the ads look interesting

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Hm, I'm wondering if you guys think this is the right way to solve this problem? The ads does highlight the problem but it does this by making the person itself "torturing" a goose. And that's kinda reversed of what they want...

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the plastic bag looks cool

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Excellent, and a smart way of *precisely* addressing the problem: linking the simple things we do every day, automatically, by reflex, without thinking (button pressing, stubbing cigarettes, holding a bag) to a food that's eaten without thought. I hope this is/was/will be backed up with some copy.

"We do a lot of things without thinking. Eating is one of them."

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This is great. They draw line directly between eating foie gras and torturing a goose. Letting people rip open the bag, push the button etc… should feel a bit uncomfortable—the agency is saying, 'see, it doesn't feel good to harm that animal, does it?'

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Good concept!

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brilliant campaign

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