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Er, don't shave, use Gillette to wash your car windscreen?

Whatever the socioeconomic level, this doesn't work.

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i disagree...windshield washing may not have a direct connection with shaving but the foam does look a lot like shaving cream does it not? whatever gets people thinking about your product......

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I agree, theres no idea here. Nice device tho.

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Lakshman Khude
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its nice and very easy coem out

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Another way to intrude consumer lives with useless and inefficient advertising. Good medium for the wrong product.

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I would steal that thing in about 2 seconds.

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I bet I couldn't resist so long!

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I've never seen anywhere near that kind of foam when using gas station squeegees. Looks more like a manufactured photo op to me.

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What can be smoother than a windscreen?

Come on, guys. This is a very nice ad meant to be sent to the award shows. Nothing wrong with that. We all want some precious metal on our desk.

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Who cares if it's not realist. This is a fun and memorable way to promote your product. Nice job ;) I'd love one for my car!

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My hand is aching by just looking at that huge device. It's nice I have to admit it, just don't want to use it myself.

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I amazingly produced and presented this exact idea 3 months prior to this one at Vega S.A.University. Yours is even lazily in the exact same presentation format as mine. My name is Warren van Rooyen and the idea is staying in my portfolio. Your idea has been done, by me.

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