Ghost Pops: Trolley

Limited budget. Cluttered supermarket. Yet, Ghost Pops needs to grad shoppers attention.

Everyday shopping carts were rigged with motors and were remote controlled in the supermarket creating the illusion that Ghosts are pushing them around.

Agency: NET#WORK BBDO, Johannesburg, South Africa
Creative Director: Julian Watt
Copywriter: Asheen Naidu
Art Director: Marion Bryan
Photographer: Brian Gibbs


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cool idea but it would be cooler if it had a white sheet around it

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Surprising idea! I like it very much.
But maybe is dangerous:
Can anybody make a formal complaint if it's
unpleasantly surprised by a "ghost cart" while
is doing the shopping?

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Mayday, chill.

I like the idea. And to the one who suggested a white cloth draped over the cart, it's unnecessary. The consumer will make the connection with the product's name.

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MADE in the USA
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That is a great idea. funny, perfect for a ltd. budget.
\ ; )

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I wonder what the top speed was on one of those carts. Fun execution. Would love it if they had sound fx, too.

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wow, that's the first thing on this sight that I'm damn jealous I didn't think of. I would've loved to seen some video of it in action.

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drunk dave, i believe that you work in SA. Maybe you can help?
Have you ever seen a car print ad that has clothes pegs in the ad? Apparantly something like that ran over there.
Does that ring a bell?

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drunk dave
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Sorry, not of hand. I'll ask around.

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cheers, that would be great

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Cheaper and maybe more effective idea was the TV program ad for "The invisible man" where there was a dog walking around the city with a leash in the air but noone attached.

Fail Harder.

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Some minor accident crash of trolly could happen all time

Careful on those wines! Pheww...

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