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like the idea!

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Ivan this is very sad and disheartening. It shatters my faith in you and your site.I sent you the same idea on 17th May 2012, and you replied with a question asking about what a certain word in the copy meant

(Ivan's reply verbatim)

"What does "infused" means?

Thanks for being part of AotW. Best regards!

Ivan Raszl
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After which i sent you the revised copy, changing the word from "infused" to "fused"

After that you suggested that i must do a proper shoot to explain the idea(on FB chat). Wasn't this another roadblock you created to sabotage the idea?

What are the chances that the same idea with the exactly the same execution point(examination hall) and with the same logic comes to you in hardly a weeks time?

Since when did you start checking copy, there are hundreds of ideas on your site with copy errors? It was just done by you to create a roadblock and to get time to upload this sham.

I googled the product, shockingly the results that come are nothing but links to this ad, is 'Gang' even a real product?

The date of publishing mentioned here is March 2012, but surprisingly the video of the activity was posted only yesterday, it doesn't take a lot to connect the dots.

I would like an explanation, and i urge all AOTW members and guests to let me know if i'm being unreasonable.

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This is what i had sent to Ivan on the 17th May.


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Please send us a proper link, this one goes to the Yahoo Page...

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Milan Solanki
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1) your link is not working
2) stop posting baseless argument

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@Milan: I'm uploading another link. And why do you think the arguement is baseless?

BTW, i read your mofo comment, which you've deleted now, don't know how you got wiser.

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Milan Solanki
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i had to signup on flickr to see the link and then it said you can't see the photo so i got angry, anyway sorry about that comment though. I saw your new link. Really good. And I would say, yours is actually different approach than this one, stress relief. Still there are few things that caught my eye. In your copy you have talked about cap of the pen being infused with chocolate, but in visual you have shown push button pen, which has no cap. Also you should check your copy for grammar. One typo that I noticed is, (Second line in second para) 'there taste buds...' which should actually be their taste buds..
Overall its nice and, emphasizing again, DIFFERENT than this

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Its a good idea, but isnt chewing gum in schools prohibited? Or am i having a senior moment here :P

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it doesn't work to me

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I say the whole idea was great.

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Well with the series of events that happened I can see as to why he would feel as if his concept was copied. I do see the similarities as far as concept however this concept was switched from a pen to pencil, chocolate to gum, from taking a test to the jitters. I'm not going to take sides however if the "roadblock" conversation happened to me then I saw this I probably would've had similar feelings. Overall the concepts are cool. Good work both of you.

On another note, in the world of advertising I have seen many concepts/the bones of a campaign recycled, expanded, etc. so sorry to say, but, it happens.


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Planner idea. No.

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