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I smell a SCAM

ideas....30 minutes nahi toh free.

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It's a nice idea, but I have MAJOR issues with readability. How are people driving by this supposed to see the URL? It's TINY.

8/10 : Idea
2/10 : Execution

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Jakarta Jack

Such a scam.

Let me guess:
- 8.10am agency photographer and team arrive
- 8.45am local official arrives, takes agency money
- 9.15am agency team puts photo of orang utan in cage and puts sign up
- 9.45am local newspaper photographers arrive
- 10.25am team pack up photo of orang utan and take off sign
- 11.15am team arrive at office and smell victory at the next ADOI or Citra Pariwara
- 11.45am team take off for lunch and believe that even the Adfest in Pattaya is within their reach

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Who the hell will come to the middle of the road to read it? And anyway, it's a scam.

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Yeah, we know how caged animals look like. Still a good ambient I guess.

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Good ambient

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i smell mupeng in here

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url readability doubtful


~ Quite obviously, I have gathered no moss ! ~

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Hmmm... I still love this idea no matter there are small amount of person who guess this is a scam ad. Well, in my opinion, the idea have a goodness within and is see a rational thinking there, not forced,

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