Fox Crime: Scubs

Taking advantage of the lack of content in the mass media during the summer, we planned to launch a buzz marketing campaign, which could really be on the news. We wanted the promotion of the channel to be done by the mass media. To do this, we had to find a scenario where advertising was totally unexpected. And we thought about using, for the first time in history, the Mediterranean Sea as an advertising means. Is there a bigger format? We built a few dummies and put it into a bag, tied it with chains, made it “wear” a pair of shoes made of cement, and threw it overboard from a small boat. Mafia-like style. Crime scenes were popular diving areas, so that reactions from the media and divers wouldn’t take very long to come along.

Advertising Agency: Bungalow25, Madrid, Spain
Executive Creative Directors: Pablo Pérez-Solero, Julio Gálvez
Creative Directors: Iñigo Ancizu, Javier Gómez
Art Director: David García
Copywriter: Sergio Cuenca
Account Director: Marta Larrauri
Account Supervisor: Cristina Montero
Account Executive: Zulema Blasco
Production Company: Jazz Films
Published: July 2010


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Very good idea and it works because of PR. I would scare me if I was a diver... :)

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Nice idea.

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how many contacts will see it?...

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creepy but cool

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Ed Rapport
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think the shock and awe factor provided the necessary momentum to go viral online.. great concept.

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