Ford: Red

Outside the box: The car you would love to have...
Inside the box: Is the one that the rest would desire.

Red stripes mean protection against envy (a popular belief in Latin American countries)

Advertising Agency: Wunderman, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Creative Director: Ernesto Castaldini
Art Directors: Natalia Larrocca, Luciano Mouriño
Copywriter: Carlos Delia
Released: September 2007


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you are asking the receiver to do too much. still, a good idea.

Wordnerd's picture
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What idea? i just see an annoying way to pack it out and a LOT of garbage to dispose.

LimitedTimeOffer's picture
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You keep using that word "kinetic". I do not think it means what you think it means.

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i understand that in argentina a red stripe is protection against envy and all, but...
i mean, "people will envy you because of your car"... so first idea.
and then you thought about a new way to show this old old old old concept.
i don't think you got it, sorry.

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I like the impact and would of given a "green" twist by asking the people to re-use the ribbon these coming holidays. Made by recycled paper would of been even better and this red used is very passionate right-on.

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Awesome. Just for Argentinian clients. (it was made for them)

This is excellent. Nice work.

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nyah....beliefs beliefs...
it should talk about global languages
not personal culture

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