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Great impact. Way out of the box, especially because the target must of thought "someones home keys...poor dude". Awesome way to reach the heart.

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This didn't make sense to me the first time I read it. I can imagine people posting up fliers that said, "Found! Keys that say , 'thousands of people are missing their keys'."

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echo for
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your intention is that the key stand for people homeless?

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something smells scam to me. it would've been better if the keys were printed on thick board and cut..(punch).
cheaper when mass-production is involved.

ideas....30 minutes nahi toh free.

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I think it's a good concept and a really smart execution. It is so easy to ignore and look past the homeless as they beg etc. but this makes a personal plea that you and your concious must consider, they got you, you've already started to pay attention and you began the scenario intending to help anyway so it just pushes you to take that 1 step further and help in a more meaningful and less convenient way.

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agreed. i think the impact hits the wrong spot. homeless people don't miss their key. they miss a home!

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missed the point.

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This is precisely a problem with the copy. It has 2 layers of meaning. One as you rightly pointed out, people take it literally, and it reaches the wrong place. But the point he tried to metaphorically DRAG it across is that, the people miss they're keys. The keys were snatched, rendering them homeless or like once they owned a pair of key, but now they miss it. The copy is very complicated with lots of meanings streaming out.

I feel just that one side would have spoken enough. "Help us help the homeless, tel no.----" I like the idea of dropping the keys around the city.

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guess dropping around homes was the first idea, but turned out to be too expensive...

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dude, you get my personal smartass-award ;)


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I think it won an epica-award ;-)

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I think it works fine. Copy could have been more crisp and clear. Still, i would say, its not a bad ambient ad.

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