Extraordinary Grip, JK Tyre

The superior grip of tyre was dramatized by making the underside of flyovers look like roads. The grip is so strong, the tyre hugs even a road turned upside down.

Agency: Contract Advertising, New Delhi; Copywriter: Vandana Katoch, Art Director: Shalini Singh, Creative Directors: Ashish Chakravarty & Vineet Mahajan

May, 2006


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design is like a puzzle... I`m just trying to solve it now

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it just like somekind of landrover ads execution...

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buy by bye
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great idea.
but who would look up?

maybe if they had some lighting inbetween the white speration lines.
by lighting i mean the little ones u have on normal roads that shines at nights.. dunno what they r called)..


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Would it have helped if there was an actual tyre pasted to the underside of the flyover as well? Just wondering...

I think; therefore I am

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if u look closely, looks like photoshop work to me.
Please correct me, if i am mistaken.

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great idea

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