Flower Town: The Proof of Love

Haret Hreik is a Hezbollah stronghold that has witnessed 4 suicide bombings in less than 6 months and is therefore a region that everyone avoids in Lebanon. Flower Town is a flower shop located at the heart of this "Death Zone" and needed to break the wall of fear to drive sales on the shop's most grossing day: Valentine's Day. The idea was therefore a very simple but powerful dare: "Would you die for your beloved?" People were asked to come to Haret Hreik, check in and buy a flower that had a green pin on it, proving they made the trip to Haret Hreik. Within 48 hours, the dare became viral.

Advertising Agency: Impact BBDO, Beirut, Lebanon
Chief Creative Officer: Walid Kanaan
Regional Creative Director: Ali Zein
Art director: Georges Kyrillos
Copywriter: Chris Jabre
Digital Account Director: Nassif Abou Aloula
Published: 2014


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Oh God, Cannes materials, weak art direction, especially the banner, it looks cheap. But the concept is new and smart.

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Brave. I like.

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Morbid, but good.

An axe murderer of ads.

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Making those who'd brave heaven and earth to prove their affections, brave them. Nice.

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Good job BBDO

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Pete R.
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There is a difference between brave and stupid. But as an ad for client this is great.

Art & Illustration

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good concept.

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