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Well! The road one was fine. But this totally sucks. Water on road??

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Floods. Can happen easily. I prefer this one actually.

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this is great, yay sideview mirror as a new medium!

... its already been done...

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well which one is it? floods or parched land? doesn't make sense to do both.

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Yeah, we all know how easy it is to read another car's side mirror...

I guess they misunderstood the phrase, "Warning, objects in mirror may be closer than they appear."

Yeah, this is one of the stupidest ad campaigns ever.

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Nice gimmick.
Alternatively we could stop aircraft for a month, measure polar shift, try eliminating CO2 at the source, look at climate shift over the last 6 billion years insetad of the last 20... or just print stickers and posters from endangered rainforest, cover the sky in reflective chem trails and...

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Who is the target? The one put the stickers on, or the people who see it?

I don't think people want to see others rear windows while on the road. They will prefer using their own. So, this PSA will out of target.


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Esto es quizás lo más irresponsabe y peligroso que he visto nunca.

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bjeou nayaka

i think beter the text behind the cars, maybe its better, its have problem with another cars or bus maybe

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