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NIce use of media

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Ever cut by a single piece of paper b4?
Interesting media but may not be right... moreover there are a few agency fm SG & Thai doing the same scam of paper poster cut by same type of knives...

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Is this for real? Do they really put a knife into every book and the publisher allow it?

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Gosh, this is ultimate dejayu!!! Please check out the One Show Design 2007 Silver pencil win, done by Grey Worldwide Beijing. This McCann campaign is EXACTLY the same as from Grey Beijing. The work from Grey Beijing featured a campaign of 5 item such Cucumber, Carrot, Egg Plant, Meat & Salmon printed on the side of the cookbook.

Is this Cannes Bronze a rip-off from Grey Beijing?

Does this 3 work qualify as an entry for Cannes Print category, which it won a bronze campaign?!

Or did both ad agency pinched the idea from a same source?

PS: Ivan, are you able to get the campaign that was produced by Grey Worldwide Beijing?

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I think I vaguely remember the campaign you mentioned, but I don't have it.

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Hmmm, well, they are all for the same end customer. It's plausible that Henckels asked another agency to expand on the ads ....

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I don't think it's the same client (though it's the same brand). CHeck out the credit details on the McCann Erickson Singapore work and you'll noticed the client is probably some unknown shop.

They do this tricks most of the time in Singapore...some small shops selling figurine toys, Wrangler jeans, Tamiya kits, chicken rice shop in the ole days, etc.

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Activity Score 86 show design 2007 result is still not out...

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I spent 15 minutes trying to find them. Thanks for clarifying.

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