Finland Post: Tapio Rautavaara

During the last 150 years the faces of hundreds of our famous citizens have appeared on Finnish stamps. Unlike many other countries we have also had people loved by the nation on stamps. And who could better carry the message than Olympic winner Tapio Rautavaara? His face appeared on a stamp in 1999. Tapio's stamp and the entire collection can be seen at the jubilee exhibition at the Post museum.

(Tapio Rautavaara (1915 – 1979), a Finnish athlete, performing artist and actor, who won the gold medal in the javelin at the 1948 Summer Olympics in London.)

Advertising Agency: TBWA\PHS, Helsinki, Finland
Account Executive: Panu Vainio
Agency Producer: Kirsi Parni
Art Directors: Pia Pitkanen
Illustrator: Pia Pitkanen
Copywriter: Erkko Mannila
Published: March 2007


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nice work. labor-intensive. but not so ideawise...

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yeah looks nice, thats about all can be said.

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