Finland Post: Ansa Ikonen & Tauno Palo

One way to study nation’s history is to view its stamps. Other than politicians and scientists Finns have also chosen entertainers to appear on their stamps. The most popular couple in the history of Finnish film, Ansa
and Tauno, who are loved by everyone, appeared on a stamp in 1996. See this stamp and the entire collection at the jubilee exhibition at the Post museum.

(Tauno Palo (1908 – 1982) and Ansa Ikonen (1913 – 1989), a Finnish actor and actress in the golden age of Finnish cinema. They performed together as a romantic couple in dozens of Finnish films.)

Advertising Agency: TBWA\PHS, Helsinki, Finland
Account Executive: Panu Vainio
Agency Producer: Kirsi Parni
Art Directors: Pia Pitkanen
Illustrator: Pia Pitkanen
Copywriter: Erkko Mannila
Published: March 2007

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