Fiat: Elevator parking sensor

Advertising Agency: Giovanni + DraftFcb São Paulo, Brazil

May 2008


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dammit. this really isnt that bad at all.

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Saatchi Makak
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Please park this elevator idea a bit. It's so overdone.

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Here's a little tip for semi-creatives who think up elevator ideas: An elevator door is closed 96 % of the time. So if you want to show movement, show something that is separating, rather than coming together.
In this case, it will never look like the car is parking, but more likely driving away.


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Totally agree.

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farfromflorida is right on the money. This is a good idea, done without thinking, which makes it a bad idea. No one to see it when they're already in the elevator.

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C'mon, don't be hard with this one. It makes perfect use of the medium. Still when the elevator is closed almost always, you are able to see the ad while you are waiting for your ride. Good Work!

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but it will look separating, instead of coming together. (u wont even see it coz you will be inside the lift by then)

good idea. but not practical


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Over done . Ref: Cannes Lions archive 2000.

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sorry, but i like it. people will see it when they are waiting for the elevator. have you ever waited for an elevator? you will most certainly see the doors open.

on second thought, errr, i guess only people walking by the elevator would see this.

oh well.

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done 1.0x10+EO6 times.

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I don't like this

Me is vipin

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Nice Thought! Kudos guys!

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