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Is this a print ad, an installation, a still life? What is it? Because the website was really boring.

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The picture above shows an ambient. The website is boring indeed, but I think it's informative. The TV spot is fun.

Ivan Raszl, admin of AotW

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I should have known better than to go look at that spot. Alerting me that something is going to be funny, is like printing "collector's item" on a comic book -- it's probably not going to be. The FedEx spot where the employees names (Joy, Harry, Eileen, and Bob) are also their persona, is way funnier than this.

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I liked the tv spot. Watching that guy down the whole pot of coffee, oblivious to his co-worker's solution, it's exactly something one of the "heros" in my office would do! You know that guy or gal, the one who kisses ass like crazy and will react before thinking.

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