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Nice thinking

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Sand in cellphone,wallet....

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thats some dirty looking sand

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no, it doesn't protect your valuables, come on.

But anyway, i think that's a nice idea to sell insurance. :)

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so that someone could walkover your cell phone and glares and stuff??? cool

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young one
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nice one, nice chick

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ad pedant
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i'd have thought that the "free publicity" they're so proud of kind of undermined the effectiveness of the towel...

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Cool thought, but there is no way it works... it wouldn't match all the sand types. Smells like Fake Beach to me.

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Dont take it so literally Mr. Top. its not meant to actually work as in hiding ones valuables. Its meant to convey a message in a memorable way. And in that way it does work.

Are you an account person?

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Guest commenter

will they be able to find the towel themselves, when back from a swim?

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