Fantastic Delites: How far will human lab mice go for Fantastic Delites?

Humans in giant mouse wheel run for free snacks. Fantastic Delites' sadistic Delite-o-matic snack machine returns to the streets but this time to challenge how far people will go for the brand's Vintage Cheddar and Red Onion flavour rice snacks. Members of the public were required to wear mouse suits and spin a giant mouse wheel inside a cage. Only when they'd built up sufficient speed would the Delite-o-matic release a pack of cheese flavoured Fantastic Delites as a reward. If people crashed or fell out of the wheel, they'd have to start all over again.

Advertising Agency: Clemenger BBDO, Adelaide, Australia
Creative Director: Karl Fleet
Art Director: Oliver Prenton
Copywriter: Matt O'Grady
Agency Producer: Holly Horne
Account Director: Erik De Roos
Developer: Robert McIntyre
Production Company: Anifex
Editor: Jon Holmes
Sound: Matt McKenzie-Smith
Published: December 2012


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This gives me the chills.

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I'm torn.."how far you would go"...or "how stupid and ridiculous you will be for a ridiculous piece of cheese"?
Am i funny or degrading with my own consumers?

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Oh dear.

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Roger Keynes
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Kleenex gets the ad agency job in Australia! ;)

Will Think for Salary

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Nike Diesel
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This is actually really entertaining. Two thumbs up.

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